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WELCOME TO Phon’s Thai Martial Arts

Phon Martdee has more than a whopping 40 years of experience in training fighters! Phon has trained over 35 champions and promoted over 60 local and international events, pioneering the sport of Muay Thai in Australia.

Having learned the fighting art from his former champion uncle, Phon set out to impart his knowledge of physical education by teaching in Thai schools.

After a suggestion from a Thai Sporting Authority official, Phon came to Australia in 1988 to open up Phon’s Thai Martial Art’s centre in Osbourne Park. He then opened in his current Northbridge location, and the rest is history!


The tradition of Muay Thai ((insert Thai transliteration)) dates back to over 2000 years ago, when Thailand used the superior fighting art of Muay Boran to forge an independent nation which evolved into modern day Thailand. After instituting professional regulations in the 1930’s, Muay Thai exploded as a spectator sport around the globe with viewers and participants revelling in the excitement and ferocity of the art.

Our Team

Andy Petrovic

Andy is a skilled Muay Thai practitioner with over 15 years of fighting and coaching experience!

Andy has also:

  • Represented Australia at the 2006 World Championship Series
  • Received Zen Do Kai Black belt

HuaDang Ratnongki

HuaDang (known as Dang) is a former professional fighter from Thailand, having trained in the elite Meenayothin Camp and fought in world’s top Muay Thai stadiums!

Dang has also:

  • Won the North Eastern Thailand Championship
  • Fought in the esteemed Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums
  • Trained fighters in Hua Hin, Thailand

Andy Pham

Andy Pham Was trained in the art of Muay Thai at a prestigious WA Muay Thai gym before arriving to our gym.

Andy has also:

  • Been with us for almost 1 year now
  • Been assisting in our kid’s classes.

Ari Shchigel

Ari Shchigel is a bright young mind who has been training at Phon’s gym for over 10 years!

Ari has also:

  • Assisted in the development of our young fighters
  • Had extensive amateur fighting experience
  • Trained extensively with Phon’s fight team

Ben Shchigel

Ben is a former professional Muay Thai fighter who has been training and fighting our Phon’s gym for over 10 years.

Ben has also:

  • Fought on Thai television for Max Muay Thai
  • Won state championships
  • Competed in national tournaments

Duncan Newall

Duncan Newall has been been training kickboxing and Muay Thai for over two years!

Andy has also:

  • Been assisting in our kid’s classes.

Muhammad Deng

Muhammad is a fighter that has been training and fighting out of Phon’s gym for the last 3 years.

Muhammad has also:

  • Undertaken personal training sessions for over a year
  • Assisted in the development of our young fighters
  • Competed in high level tournaments

Phon Martdee has been honoured by the WBC for his contribution to Global Muay Thai!

Phon was presented with a commemorative championship belt to honour his substantial contribution to the sport of Muay Thai and the World Boxing Council in Australia!

Phon Martdee has Received the Australian Muaythai Hall of Fame Award

The 2019 Australian Muay Thai Awards has recognised Phon as a pioneer of Australian Muay Thai!

*Thank you to Mark Castignini and his exceptional team for honouring me with this award, I am beyond thankful!

In Memorium

Jar Peng (Sargent Armporn Sarthong) was my great uncle who inspired me by teaching me the true art of Muay Thai.

Jar Peng used to look after me when I finished school, teaching me Muay Thai techniques, and encouraging me to compete for the pride of our province.

He was not only a great fighter, but an incredible mentor and human being as well.

Without Jar Peng, I would not have the life I have today, and I am forever grateful for the wisdom and life skills he imparted to me.

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